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Welcome to our specialist Concert Wind Band Catalogue. We hope you will find it useful.

Many of you ask about our speed of deliveries and, as you know, we are usually in the hand of the publishers. We always use airmail, to obtain music from the USA and the Continent and often we receive sets quicker than from British Publishers.

However some music takes 3 to 4 weeks even by airmail, especially if it is intercepted at UK Customs.

Clearly there is nothing we can do except to ask you to order as early as you can! Sometimes a few minutes thought at an early stage can save several weeks of wasted rehearsal time.

Please remember we are here to help you - so contact us if you need to know anything and, of course, your comments on our standard of service are always more than welcome.

Please call us on 01732 355143 or email our experienced sales team at sales@windmail.co.uk






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